Island Getaways: Discover North Stradbroke

The Beautiful Sandy Beaches At North Stradbroke Island

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North Stradbroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world, formed off the coast of Brisbane. It’s a lovely piece of Australia, complete with pristine beaches and beautiful, natural scenery. Let’s take a look at some day trip options for those wanting to experience an island getaway and get in touch with the great outdoors.


Hiring a canoe or a kayak is such great fun. The splash of the sea on your skin, the warm sun shining down from above as you paddle the clear blue ocean surrounding North Stradbroke Island. While you’re at it you can try some canoe surfing on the way back into shore. You’re bound to enjoy yourself!

Jet Skiing

Fancy a bit of a thrill? Maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie, always seeking the next big rush? Hiring a jet ski and carving your way through the surf around North Stradbroke Island is definitely an option for your island getaway. There are a number or hire companies all operating at decent rates, so if you’re willing to take a risk there’s definitely excitement to be had!

Check Out Nearby Islands

There are a few verdant islands that are situated close to North Stradbroke. South Stradbroke Island is just next door and offers thrilling water sports and a chance to spot a rare Golden Wallaby. Moreton Island is located on the eastern side of Moreton Bay. It is home to some beautiful beaches and is also a National Park with a great variety of indigenous flora and fauna to check out. Plus try out some sand tobogganing. Tangalooma Island Resort is a short catamaran cruise away from Brisbane, and is a great family holiday location. There are heaps of things to do here but the best by far is to get up close and personal and hand-feed a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins. The kids will love it!

Whale Watching

The seas surrounding the North and South Stradbroke and Moreton Islands are teeming with a great variety of weird and wonderful aquatic life forms. But none are more wonderful than the majestic whale. Huge numbers of Humpback Whales migrate north past the Islands, usually starting around May and going through to July. They are heading to breed in the warm northern waters and then travel back south with their young from August through to October. If you’re planning to be in and around Brisbane or North Stradbroke at these times of year then definitely don’t deprive yourself and your family of this wonderful natural spectacle.

Want to Know More?

Would you like to know more about the great variety of island activities around North Stradbroke? The staff at Brisbane Holiday Village are full of local knowledge and tips. Please feel free to get in touch with us; we’d be more than happy to help you plan your own island getaway.

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