Benefits of Corporate Housing for Your Employees

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The success of any organisation depends on their ability to take care of employees. This is especially true for those who travel for work in a corporate or FiFo setting. So, how can you help keep your employees productive and happy when on the road? Provide them with corporate accommodation that is comfortable and feels like home! 

Today we run through the benefits of corporate housing for your employees and your business so you can make their work life easier and enjoyable when travelling.

1. Increase Productivity

When choosing a comfortable corporate housing option for the short term you can increase your employee’s productivity. This is because corporate stays are usually built with increased living areas including a workspace, free internet, access to a corporate space and a kitchen to ensure your employees have everything they need. With these extra features that you can’t get at a hotel, employees can conduct work in the accommodation with ease.

2. Help Your Employees Rest & Recover

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Employees being away from home can have an impact on their overall well-being. To help employees rest and recover from work, corporate accommodation provides a smart TV, free Wifi, and access to facilities like restaurants, BBQ areas, tennis courts and a pool to ensure employees can have fun and relax after a hard day’s work. 

A 2023 survey states that 33% of employees feel exhausted when travelling to work. So, when booking corporate accommodation taking into account your employee’s wellness is essential for their rest and recovery when away from home.

3. Cost Saving

Not only are there benefits to booking corporate housing for your employees, but there are also benefits to you! Choosing corporate accommodation can help with cost savings when multiple of your workers are travelling at the same time. Booking larger corporate housing with added facilities will make the accommodation cheaper per employee whilst still giving your workers space to unwind.

4. Welcoming Customer Service

Brisbane Holiday Village Reception

Being away from home can mean employees need a friendly face to greet them each day. Booking corporate housing with a welcoming customer service team can help boost morale but also make it easier for employees to feel comfortable and safe in their accommodation. When booking a corporate stay, look for a place that shows they prioritise customer service which will elevate your employee’s experience.

Booking Corporate Housing at Brisbane Holiday Village

Brisbane Holiday Village Cosmo Cabin Holiday Accommodation

Brisbane Holiday Village offers corporate housing for single employees or big groups at an affordable rate! We offer a relaxing environment for your workers to unwind with a large range of facilities including our Lagoon Pool, a BBQ area, a tennis court and more. Our 15-minute commute to the city makes it easy to explore Brisbane whilst having the opportunity to properly relax in our holiday village. 

Brisbane Holiday Village corporate accommodation choices include 1 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom Short Term Villas. There is an option for every corporate housing need and budget at Brisbane Holiday Village. Book your next corporate stay with us!

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