7 Essential Holiday Etiquette Tips

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Everyone loves a holiday and what’s not to love? Sunshine, time off, beaches, drinks, delicious meals, quality time with the kids and some sleep ins. There’s nothing quite like it. But how can you make sure that everyone, and not just you and your family, have a great time? Ensuring you maintain some important holiday etiquette is the way to go. There are a few simple rules of etiquette to follow when staying at a caravan park or cabin. Let’s take a look at seven tips to make sure that everyone stays considerate and enjoys their holiday as much as their neighbours.

Respect Each Other’s Space

When you set up camp at a caravan park, it becomes your temporary home. Your caravan or tent becomes your bedroom, and your chairs and tables outside become your living and eating space. Imagine someone walking through your dining room at home as you sit down to a nice meal! It’s not the most inviting thought, so when you’re walking through a caravan park, stick to the paths and avoid walking through other people’s sites.

Respect the Staff

The staff at a caravan park or holiday village are there to help. Sometimes it can be tempting to vent our frustration on staff. If you’ve been stuck in traffic, are running late, or have gotten lost, try to keep your frustration to yourself. It makes for a much smoother experience for everyone.

Shower Blocks and Toilets

At caravan parks and cabins in Brisbane, everyone needs to share the same showers, toilets and sinks. It’s only common courtesy to try and leave these spaces in the same state that you found them in.

Watch the Speed Limit

When arriving, departing or otherwise driving through the accommodation, please be very mindful of the signed speed limits. These signs are not just decoration; they’re there for a reason. There are often children running around, playing with balls and having fun and they might not be mindful of everything that is going on around them, so stick to the limit and everyone is safe.

Set Up During the Day

As much as possible, try to arrive during daylight hours and set up then. There’s nothing worse than lights and noise only a few metres away when you’re trying to sleep. This applies to more than just setting up though. As a general rule, it’s best to keep the noise to a minimum before 8am and after 10pm. Always double check with your accommodation for local rules.

Respect the Land

Always use the bins provided for your rubbish and cigarette butts. A great deal of waste takes an eternity to degrade, and nobody likes camping or living with litter strewn about.

Supervise Your Kids

Although holiday villages are child-friendly spaces, often complete with play equipment and other facilities designed specifically for children, this doesn’t mean that you can just let them run wild! Make sure to supervise your children and make sure that they are well behaved.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to know more holiday etiquette tips, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction so everyone has the best time possible.

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