Infographic: Benefits of a Holiday Park vs a Hotel/Motel

A holiday cabin with a city background and a BHV sign out the front

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Choosing accommodation for your family getaway can be a task in and of itself. There are so many options to consider, from hotels, motels, camping sites and caravan parks to cabins for rent – and that’s just a few of the options in Brisbane! So what’s the best choice of family accommodation? We believe it’s a Holiday Park and today we’re going to tell you exactly why that’s the case.


Sometimes we like to get away with a bunch of our closest friends and family – often all of whom have children of their own. A holiday village in Brisbane has cabin’s that are large enough to accommodate larger families. The other alternative is to hire multiple hotel rooms – and that can quickly become very expensive. To save some money, bunk down together, enjoy some quality time and hire a larger cabin in a holiday village.

Food Options

Staying in a hotel means that you’re often forced to eat out for every meal except breakfast (that’s if it’s provided!). That can quickly add up and by the end of your holiday you’ve spent a small fortune on food alone. A holiday village has self-contained cabins, so you can duck down the shop and bring home a few things to cook up, saving you money. Holiday villages also tend to have on site restaurants that are good value and have tasty wholesome food.

Child Friendly Fun

A holiday village often has a dedicated playgrounds, swimming pools and other facilities for the little ones. This allows them to swing, slide and jump around and have some fun. How much time at home do they spend glued to the screen? Encourage them to get their hands and feet dirty, have a play with the other kids and enjoy some healthy fresh air.


Holiday villages have free parking and sometimes even space for a second vehicle. This is very handy when it comes to heading into Brisbane city because you can leave the car at the holiday village and take public transport. No need to worry about paying the high price of city parking.


Hotels are often on busy, dangerous streets. However at a holiday village you are off the main road and the kids can ride bikes and scooters safely.

That Resort Vibe

Let’s face it, not everyone likes campgrounds. While it can be great to get in touch with nature, sometimes we like a hot shower and a comfy bed to climb into at the end of a long day having fun with the family. A holiday village has a touch of the resort vibe to it, where you’ll be just as comfortable on a banana lounge with a book and drink as you would at a tropical island resort. And speaking of vibes…

Social Benefits

A holiday village puts a lot of people in close contact with each other for a short space of time. You’re staying close enough to other families and couples that you can’t help but make a bit of small talk and get to know each other. This creates a nice, engaging and warm social atmosphere. The kids all play together and you might have a meal or two or share a beer with your neighbours while swapping stories, adventures and advice. It makes for a lovely feeling, rather than being cramped up in a hotel room with no one new for company.

  BHV - Why Choose a Holiday Parks Infographic

Looking for More Advice?

There are many benefits to staying in a holiday park. We’ll happily share some more with you. All you need to do is touch base with us and we’ll take it from there!  

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