Migaloo has Arrived!

Migaloo the White Whale. Tail splashing in the water

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 Our iconic white whale has started his migration north along the east coast of Queensland, and you’re invited to join him!

It’s whale watching season, and our favourite (and only) white whale, Migaloo has been spotted off the east-coast of Queensland! But who is Migaloo? and how do you see him? Why is he so rare? We’ve got your answers!   WHO IS MIGALOO? Facts:
  • Migaloo is an adult white male humpback whale
  • Estimated to be about 32 years old (born in 1986)
  • Migaloo definitely stands out from the crowd with white pigmented exterior and brown eyes.
  • White humpback whales are pretty unique. Extra protection is given to white whales under Queensland and Commonwealth Government legislation.
    • No vessel can be within 500 metres of Migaloo.
  • Migaloo’s name means ‘white fella’ in some Aboriginal languages
  • Migaloo was the first white whale sighted in 1991 when he passed through Byron Bay.
  • There are only about 3-4 other white humpback whales that we know about, including: Bahloo, Willow and Migaloo-Jnr.


Our friends at Tourism and Events Queensland have all the details on  Where to go whale watching in Queensland – the only thing they’re missing is where to stay when you come to see them!  


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