Benefits of a Caravan Holiday

Extra Large Ensuite Caravan Site at Brisbane Holiday Village

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Caravan Holiday – One of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

If you’re new to the caravan and camping game, buying of hiring a caravan to explore Australia is an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience!  

Not quite sold on the idea?

That’s ok – we’ll fix you nay-sayers soon! Check out some of the great benefits of going on a caravan holiday adventure:
  • You don’t have to settle into a hotel room and then pack up and repeat from place to place

    • The most annoying part of travelling is probably unpacking and packing every few days. Once you finally start feeling settled in your accommodation, before you know it you will be repacking your life into your bags and continuing your trip. The beauty of a caravan is that you don’t need to worry about constantly do this, as your accommodation travels with you and you will feel settled for the whole duration of your trip.
  • Closer to nature

    • You have access to views on your doorstep rather than a window from afar! You can step straight from your front door into nature, so you will spend the majority of your time soaking up the fresh air and enjoying the facilities on offer!
  • It’s more social – you meet people!

    • Making friends is easier when you feel a part of a community in a caravan park. With stories and experiences to share, the amount of social interaction you experience will be vastly greater than in a hotel! You also still have the option to remove yourself from all the commotion when you need some solitude.  At Brisbane Holiday Village, we offer a large variety of tropical resort-style facilities including a lagoon pool, kiddies splash pool (with water fountains), on-site restaurant, mini-golf, tennis court, multi-purpose sports field and more – to keep you occupied and social – for as long as you want!
    • While we can’t guarantee that all caravan holiday enthusiasts are nice and sociable, we can assure you that a huge percentage of people you meet in the majority of Holiday Resorts and Caravan Parks are just that. Caravanning attracts mostly sociable and helpful people, ready to help you in troubles. Among the “caravanners” you can find many friends. You can also score some handy recommendations and tips along your trip.
  • It’s affordable

    • Caravan holiday sites are much more affordable than hotel rooms every night, especially if you have invested in your own caravan. For example, our powered caravan sites at Brisbane Holiday Village start from only $51 per night.
    • Not only is the cost of a camping space much more reasonable than a hotel room, you also have everything you need at your disposal. You can even stock up on groceries and cook your own meals, saving a fortune on restaurant bills.
  • Do something different

    • Rather than do the same annual holiday of catching a plane and staying in a hotel, do something different and hire a caravan and experience something new – you won’t regret it!
  • A sense of independence

    • Call it as you want – spontaneity, freedom, independence. Most important, however, is that at any time you can take the motorhome, or hook the caravan up to the car and go wherever you want. You can change your plans and nothing would happen if, instead of in Rome, you suddenly find yourself in Saint-Tropez. You are not dependent on hotel reservations, the rigid tour programs, etc.
    • Caravanning is the perfect option for independent people, for restless spirits, who value freedom over comfort. Though let’s not exaggerate – the modern camping vehicles allow you to combine the hotel’s or house’s convenience with an extraordinary mobility!
  •  It’s environmentally friendly
    • Since you spend most of your time outdoors, utilising the amazing facilities on offer, or getting back to basics with books and board games, you don’t drain energy using electrical appliances!
    • Garbage and recycling areas are available for you at most environmentally aware / sustainable holiday parks (like Brisbane Holiday Village) to easily dispose of waste in a sustainable way.
  • It brings you and your travel companions closer

    • There’s nothing like spending 24/7 with your friends or family to help build your relationships. You learn how to be patient and accepting of each other’s annoying habits. You also learn so much more about them. Especially when you’re in a confined space and don’t have the distractions of TV, you fall into a pattern of deep and meaningful conversations and silly games that pass the time but provide plenty of entertainment.

When you stay at Brisbane Holiday Village you will see a big difference from other parks.

You will enjoy and appreciate the superior quality and cleanliness of our amenities, BBQ and entertainment area, facilities and cabins.

You will appreciate our staff who go the extra mile to give you the very best of service. Some of the many reasons we are the best caravan park in Brisbane!

Book with Brisbane Holiday Village

We are friendly community and love welcoming all new and previous guests to enjoy their holiday here! We have a variety of Holiday Cabins and caravan sites available (including powered sites, ensuite sites and XL ensuite sites) as well as powered and unpowered camping grounds. Our village offers a huge variety of tropical resort-style facilities including FREE WIFI, a lagoon pool, kiddies splash pool (with water fountains), on-site restaurant, mini-golf, tennis court, multi-purpose sports field, and free parking. We are conveniently located – a short 15 minute drive from Brisbane CBD, 20 minutes drive from iconic Gold Coast theme parks and 40 minutes drive from the scenic Sunshine Coast!   Grab a great holiday deal by booking directly with us OR give our friendly reception staff a call on (07) 3341 6133.   Take the leap and book your Caravan Holiday at Brisbane’s Best Holiday Park!

– The BHV Team

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