Tips for Holidaying with Kids

Children's Beach Toys Near The Waves On A Sandy Beach

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A family holiday, there’s nothing like it. Either loading up the car, full to the brim – or jumping on a plane and flying to another state.
The kids are excited, you’re glad to have some time off work, and everyone is hopefully getting along. But just how do you make sure that you are going to have the best time possible? Let’s take a look at five top tips for holidaying with kids, so that everything goes off without a single hitch.

Book Your Accommodation Early!

Caravan parks, cabins and camping sites in Brisbane and the rest of Australia tend to get booked out pretty quickly – especially when it come to school holiday time. Save yourself a headache and book well in advance, this way you can ensure that when it comes time to pack up and go that you’ve actually got somewhere nice to stay!

Book a Holiday Village

Holiday villages are great places to stay. They are an affordable way to situate yourself close to Brisbane or the nearest city, so that you’re still able to venture out and experience everything that’s on offer. They are also convenient due to the fact that there are laundry, bathroom and toilet facilities available, so no one has to be uncomfortable! There are also usually plenty of other children around, so your kids will be bound to make some new friends during their days. Accommodation at Brisbane Holiday Village is made easy for you with established sites and a range of facilities; it’ll be an easy trip with your family. This means the kids can enjoy the great outdoors, parents can enjoy their creature comforts, and everyone is happy and relaxed.

Make Sure the Kids Get Some Sleep

Holidays are exciting times, full of adventure, fun and games. This means that the kids can get a bit revved up during the day – and while that’s okay, it is still important to make sure that they get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Pack Thoroughly

When you’re packing for the trip, you want to make sure that you and your family are going to have everything you need on hand during your stay in a caravan park or holiday village. This means that you need to be thorough when you pack, and double and triple-check that you have everything. Enough clothes, the proper medication for you and your kids, an adequate supply of money, lollies, snacks (with some healthy options of course!) and everything else you need to guarantee you a stress free, relaxing time away with your family. This not only ensures that everything is in order; it makes sure that you have everything you need to keep your children entertained, satisfied and happy. If you do happen to forget things, the Brisbane Holiday Village has its very own convenience store that’s chock full of essential toiletries and food.

Consider Your Travel Method

There are plenty of things that will determine how you get from “a” to “b” on a holiday, and your children should definitely be one of them. Depending on their age, their anxieties and other relevant factors, you may want to consider driving over flying for your family. This gives you greater control over your journey, where you stop and how long you travel for at one time. Of course, this isn’t always practical, so be sure to equip your children with things to keep them calm and feeling familiar, however you travel. No matter how you choose to travel, make sure to book accommodation in a central location so that once you arrive you can keep your day trips to a convenient drive.

Have Fun!

This is the most important tip, isn’t it? Let your hair down, put up your feet and enjoy the time away! If you’d like to know more advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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