Packing Hacks for Travelling Light

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Setting off on your next adventure?

Are you a world-class packing procrastinator? A ‘throw-everything in’ traveller? Or an ‘I don’t know what to pack so I pack the wrong stuff and now I have no clothes.. or food’.. voyager?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there: hauling WAY too much stuff away with us, only to realise a day or two into our camping holiday that we won’t need half of it, and what we do need.. we left behind.. So, to save your spine (and your sanity), here are some simple tips on how to travel light – you’ll thank us later.

1.   Don’t Pack Last Minute

Seriously! When we pack at the last minute, we’re likely to pack more than we need because we’re not taking the time to think about it. Start packing, or at least thinking about what you might need, a few days before leaving. If you don’t want your holiday to turn into a screaming-fest of overstuffed backpacks, sluggish hikes and unnecessary expenses (like having to buy an entire new tub of margarine even though you just bought a new one back at home) make sure you pack these essential items:
  • Food
    • Start thinking about the quantities of food you may need, what sort of facilities will be available to you, if the food requires refrigeration or if it spoils easily. You may want to reconsider some of the more delicate options, unless they will be consumed early in the trip.
  • First Aid (including bug repellant)
    • Very important! You never know when you need it and if you forget it, you’ll wish you didn’t!
  • Toys, books, boardgames or other technology-free entertainment options
    • Think about bringing something to entertain everyone – If you’re going camping, you’ll probably be spending some close-quarters time with your companions. Avoid arguments where possible!
  • Clothes
    • Yes, really! but actually consider what you really NEED. You’re probably not going to need high heals and a sparkly party dress if you’re going camping with the family
  • Bedding
    • Relaxation is often the reason behind a holiday or camping trip, so it makes sense to ensure your night will be a comfortable one
  • Empty Zip-lock Bags
    • Avoid losing little bits and pieces, save left over food, store spices, ropes, toiletries, etc, or stop your toothbrush becoming a furry petrie-dish of other people’s hair and germs… Zip-lock bags are always a good idea!
  • Batteries of various sizes
    • Ensure you’re always prepared! Also great to use as a bargaining tool: “I’ll give you my spare battery if you give me that big fish you caught this morning..”

2.   Go for Multi-Functionality 

It sounds simple, but giving priority to items that serve more than one purpose can easily cut your load. Does that towel double up as a blanket? Can those shoes be worn in the day and the night? If yes, choose them over items that can’t.

3.   Check the Facilities

If you’re camping or staying in a holiday park, check the facilities beforehand. There might already be a kitchen, so you might not need to pack your cooker or utensils. They also might provide pillows and bedding so you can ditch the sleeping bags. If they’ve got an on-site hairdryer, you can leave that at home too… you get the idea!

4.   Minimise Food and Toiletries

If you’re only staying for a short amount of time, take some toiletries in small travel bottles. You can also check if the place you’re going to has a restaurant or shops nearby. If it does, you won’t need to go crazy stocking up on food and toiletries. You can always buy what you need when you get there. 

5.   Create an Itinerary

When it comes to packing light, an itinerary can be an essential guide to what stays in and what’s left out. For example, if you’re going to be playing sports and you know that there is a laundry service near or on your accommodation, you may only need to take one set of sports clothes, rather than several.  

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