Enjoy Winter in Queensland: 5 Benefits of Cold-Weather Camping at Brisbane Holiday Village

Family Outing To The Snow

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Family Outing To The Snow

Winter in Queensland is one of the most beautiful times of year. Chilly mornings shouldn’t stop you from planning a getaway in the great outdoors this winter.

We think our camping sites are a great option for holidaymakers looking to enjoy winter in Queensland. Consider these 5 benefits of cold-weather camping at Brisbane Holiday Village when planning your mid-year holiday.

It’s Just as Comfortable as Summer Camping with the Right Preparation

You can be just as cozy camping in winter provided you do your research on clothing and bedding beforehand. You’ll rarely see the overnight temperature in Brisbane drop below 10 degrees in the winter months, so use that as a guide when preparing sleeping arrangements.

Consider the 3 layer clothing rule for camping in winter – wear a close-fitting base layer for warmth and moisture control, a mid-layer for insulation and an outer layer for weather protection. That should be more than enough to protect your from the chill.

You Can Take Advantage of Australia’s Driest Months

Brisbane is known for generally dry and mild conditions in winter, making it ideal for comfortable camping trips. We aren’t subjected to the unpredictable storms and downpours that are often a feature of Brisbane summers, so you can plan your trip safely according to long-term forecasts.

The dry weather is also helpful when it comes to planning day-trips during your Brisbane Holiday Village stay. The natural beauty of Queensland’s beaches and national parks are arguably at their peak in the middle of the year.

There Are Less Insects to Deal With

Mozzie bites and persistent flies can be a blight on your summer camping adventures, but most creepy crawlies will leave you alone during winter. Brisbane’s subtropical climate is far milder during winter, allowing you enjoy your time outdoors without constantly reaching for the bug spray.

Roughing It, with a Few Creature Comforts

If you’re travelling with a young family or those new to camping, it is nice to have the added comfort of Brisbane Holiday Village’s amenities and resort facilities. We offer coin-operated laundries and plentiful amenity blocks for all visitors, in addition to 18-hole mini golf, playgrounds, tennis court, bike track, a multi-purpose sports field and much more to keep the young ones occupied.

Millions of Stars to Enjoy

The generally clear weather and earlier sunsets makes winter a great time for family stargazing. Many stars are brighter and easier to discern in winter, so you can use your family getaway at Brisbane Holiday Village to introduce the major constellations to your children.

Celebrate Winter in Queensland at Brisbane Holiday Village

Our winter accommodation options at Brisbane Holiday Village are not limited to our camping sites. We offer five different styles of holiday cabins to suit all budgets, in addition to a range of caravan and powered camping sites for mobile travellers. To stay up to date on our specials with winter approaching, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter on the Brisbane Holiday Village homepage.

For more information about our Brisbane accommodation options or to make a booking, give our team a call on 61 7 3341 6133 or contact us online.

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