Solar Panels: Eco-friendly sustainability on the rise at BHV

Solar Panels on the roof of Brisbane Holiday Village Reception

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Being sustainable and responsible for the environment is becoming more and more important in this day and age. That’s why Brisbane Holiday Village have installed a massive 50KW solar panel grid system to help us be as environmentally sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible!

Solar Panels – the new black?

Let’s face it, solar energy is definitely the future trend of energy. These days, many households have converted their homes to run on solar energy – So why not power our business?
Brisbane Holiday Village has spent 7 months developing and installing an awesome solar panel power system! Our Reception, Maintenance and Housekeeping buildings are now powered by the SUN! We are working hard to be part of the environmental solution, rather than part of the problem!

Why did BHV invest in solar panels?

  • Energy Alternative – and renewable Solar energy is a great alternative to replace fossil fuel as the major energy source is the sun, which is (luckily) renewable at absolutely no cost!
  • It’s environmentally friendly – pollution free and no greenhouse gasses We believe that effort should be made to reduce the pollution entering our environment. Solar panels are able to catch the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity! This means that  solar energy uses less carbon = less coal = smaller carbon footprint!
  • Low/no maintenance Once installed, solar panel systems can last twenty to thirty years without major maintenance needed! Sure, a check once a year is ideal, but still, a penny saved!
  • Cost effective Less electricity and power is taken from the power grids in the community. This makes actually makes solar cheeper! The upside is that we can spend all the extra money that we saved on maintenance and power grid costs and put it towards new facilities for our holiday park!

How does solar improve the park?

Brisbane Holiday Village has worked hard to develop our solar system as an extension of our ongoing solar development at the Village. We have (so-far) integrated solar tube lights and solar hot water into our updated amenities blocks, restaurant, housekeeping and reception areas, as well as providing all of our holiday cabins with solar hot water systems. We have reduced our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, and are looking to invest the savings from our Solar panel program into new facilities and eco-friendly options to prolong the future of our Holiday Park, and our earth! Not only has the power taken from the community grid been reduced, but our Village can sustain its core running power from the sun!  

BHV’s Sustainability Awards

Brisbane Holiday Village has won many awards over the years. One of our proudest achievements is our Gold Level Gumnut Award. The Gumnut Award Program is a progressive rating scheme for holiday, tourist and residential parks that recognises a proven commitment to

environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

To make sure that BHV is part of the environmental solution rather than the problem, we have employed the following initiatives:

  • Installed bore water pumps to minimise the amount of town water used for maintaining the gardens.
  • Planted native trees and shrubs to attract native animals and buffer traffic noises and dust.
  • Fitted low flow shower heads and half flush cisterns.
  • Utilised tank water for the washing machines in the Housekeeping Department.
  • Upgraded two amenity blocks with low flow shower heads and taps; duel flush toilet systems and urinals; gas boosted solar hot water system; solar tube lights and front loader washing machines (saving 100 litres of water per cycle).
  • Installed light sensors, timers and solar hot water systems in all holiday cabins.
  • Provided on-site paper, plastic, glass and cardboard recycling bins.

Interested in Brisbane Holiday Village?

Not only are we trying to save the world, but we also offer a great range of holiday cabins, caravan sites, and camping accommodation for everyone! Grab a great holiday deal by booking directly with us! OR give our friendly reception staff a call on (07) 3341 6133.   Follow us on our socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for great discounts, competitions and prizes! Review us: We LOVE to hear your feedback!

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