Caravan made from LEGO bricks is breaking records with BHV!

Lego Caravan at Brisbane Holiday Village

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Caravan made from LEGO™ Bricks is coming to Brisbane Holiday Village in September 2018, and we want you to join us!

Our journey starts with a thousand bricks

Many of us today think of our humble LEGO bricks and remember a time when we were young. Think back to the spaceship, castle or pirate ship that you built out of LEGO. Do you remember that it was SO good that it belongs on the cover of TIME magazine? Let’s face it – who didn’t fancy themselves as a creative genius when it came to those little plastic bricks with which to build the world (quite literally)? Big dreams have blossomed from those colourful bricks, but always on a miniature scale. We never had enough LEGO to build that life-size spaceship. castle or pirate ship.

Until now…

LEGO isn’t child’s play anymore

Like all wonderful creations – a man had a dream. Take one 1973 Viscount Royal vintage caravan and over 280,000 LEGO bricks and make the World’s Largest Caravan. It took over 10 weeks, 500 man-hours, 700kg of LEGO bricks, 70 litres of glue and a team of over 16 incredible volunteers.  The caravan is 2.2-metre-tall and 5-metres long. It comes equipped with a double bed, wardrobe sink, stove, refrigerator, dinette, cupboards with sliding draws and other features typical of a 1970’s caravan. The best bit? It is ALL made out of LEGO bricks! The Caravan was started in March 2018 by professional LEGO builder Ben Craig in his garage on the Gold Coast and was funded by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and Top Parks, with the intent to break the Guinness World Record for the largest caravan made from LEGO bricks at the 50th Anniversary of the Queensland Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow earlier this year. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the caravan remained incomplete by the show’s end. For a project that cost in excess of $100,000 (by comparison, a 1973 Viscount Royal would have cost around $2000 brand new), the creators were not to be dissuaded – the Caravan is coming to Brisbane Holiday Village!  

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