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Dreamworld is Australia’s largest theme park and is located on the Gold Coast. Offering rides, food, entertainment, shows, shopping and many events to keep you entertained all day long! Dreamworld is home of the famous Tiger Island and boasts the Big 9 Thrill Rides

Collage of images from Dreamworld theme park. Tower of Terror, front Dreamworld sign with mascots: Belinda and Kenny Koala. Kids on giant swing. Tigers at Tiger Island


Dreamworld is located just off the Pacific Motorway at Coomera, Queensland, 4210. 20 minutes south of Brisbane Holiday Village.

To get there from Brisbane, follow the signs to the Pacific Motorway and the Gold Coast. Take the Coomera exit (exit 54) and follow the signs to Dreamworld through a few roundabouts

Thrill Rides

If you’re down with the thrills, jump on one of these heart-stopping rides and get your blood pumping!


A suspenseful 46-meter vertical climbs, before flipping your center of gravity to a free fall through a 360 degree heart roll, before plummeting down a 90 degree drop!


Jump in your own Hot Wheels car, with music pumping through your carriage, you will speed through a reverse sidewinder turn, 360-degree loop and experience 13 stories of high-speed fun!


Built low to the ground, the tight 605-meter track is made up of over 18 banks, twists and turns! Riders are held in by a lower body restraint system that create an incredible feeling of freedom and exhilaration!


For the ‘not so crazy’ thrill-seekers. Enjoy a rickshaw chase adventure, spinning round and round and side to side – you will need to harness your Kung Fu endurance for this ride – even on its ‘calm’ rotation!

For the ‘seriously crazy’ trill seekers. This ride will send you round and round, side to side and upside-down at up to 3.8 G-forces! Soar 8 meters into the air – only the most serious martial-arts masters will be able to outlast this ride!


Jump in your own plane and soar to a whopping 72 feet in the air! Take your controls and let the air tricks begin! This ride is up to you – a scenic ride or 5 double-barrel rolls?


Strap yourself in and travel 9 stories into the air, before swinging back of fourth at up to 75 kilometres per hour! If that’s not enough, add in 360-degree spinning WHILST you’re swinging back and forth!


Feel the suspense build as you are lifted 119 meters into the air! Enjoy the view for a brief moment before free-falling 39 stories at the speed of gravity (up to 135 kilometres per hour) and stopping just meters from the ground!

It takes about 90 seconds to climb slowly to the top, and only 5 seconds to free-fall down! Riders’ leg dangle freely from the open-air carriage to enhance the feeling of falling through the air!


Blast backwards out of a 206-meter tunnel and straight up the Tower of Terror! Riders glide 100 meters up the tower (at 161 kilometres per hour) before free-falling the 100 meters back down to earth – face first!

Family Rides

If thrill rides aren’t your thing (or you’re too little to make the cut) – don’t worry!  Check out these family-friendly options:


  • Dreamworld Express train ride
  • Escape from Madagascar rollercoaster
  • Gingy’s glider
  • Mad Jungle Jam
  • Rocky Hollow Log Ride
  • Shockwave
  • Skadoosh Bumper Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Big Red Car Ride
  • Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cup Ride
  • Hop and Hoot
  • Shrek’s Ogre-go-round
  • Puss in Boots Sword Swing
  • Play School art Room
  • Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship
  • Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze

More "worlds"

  • Tiger Island

Take a walk on the wild side and learn about one of the jungle’s most ferocious (but gorgeous) and endangered mammals. The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation helps to ensure the majestic tiger continues to survive in the wild!

Tiger island also offers daily feeding shows and the keepers routinely talk about the tiger’s: where they come from and what makes them so special!

  • Corroboree

Dreamworld’s Corroboree is a unique place to explore and appreciate our unique land, ancestors, people and native animals!

Get up close to native koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles and more!

  • Trolls Village

A world full of colour, glitter and FUN! The Trolls village offers fun activities and shows featuring famous Trolls: Poppy and Branch!

  • Lego Store

A block-builder’s dream! This store offers one of the largest ranges of LEGO in Australia. There are life-size models everywhere!

  • Dreamworks Experience

Enter a fairy tale full of your favourite Dreamworks Characters! Rides, shows, food, and fun! Meet your favourite animations in real life!

  • ABC Kids World

Kids can have fun with their favourite Australian TV characters in real life! Join Hoot and Hootabell, Bananas in Pyjamas, Playschool characters and more!

  • Wiggles World

Perfect for the little ones! The wiggles world is where the most colourful childhood memories are made! Families will love the bubbly characters, bright attractions and bouncy rides!



You can purchase General Admission tickets for Dreamworld online, or at the gates of Dreamworld

  • All patrons 0-14 must be accompanied by an adult over 18
  • Kids under 3 are free

You can also buy your Dreamworld Tickets from the front reception at Brisbane Holiday Village during your stay with us

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