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Giant swing ride at Aussie World in the Sunshine Coast

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Aussie World is a theme park located on the Sunshine Coast. Offering rides, food, entertainment, shows, shopping and many events to keep you entertained all day long!

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Aussie World is located just off the Bruce Highway at 73 Frizzo Road, Palmview, Queensland, 4553

To get there, take exit 190 on the Bruce Highway on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia – Approximately one (1) hour north of Brisbane Holiday Village.



Map of Aussie World
  • Speed Stars

    • Start your engines! The ultimate racing experience for kids! Featuring a real working electric pedal, steering wheel and all the sounds of a formula one – this mini race car is sure to thrill! Complete with shock absorbing bumpers, checked flags and points for overtaking, put the pedal to the metal and go!
  • Little Beaut… Toot Toot!

    • With a steering wheel at every seat, each child can drive this fun ride! Jump on board this family train ride like no other. Suitable for babies, children and parents alike!
  • The Wasp

    • An extreme thrill ride where YOU take control and shoot yourself sideways into the air! Interactive fun for the whole family – you can even choose your thrill level!
  • Bombora Bounce

    • The Bomobra bounce shoots you 10 metres in the air, then bounces and twist back down! Perfect family fun for everyone 100cm (accompanied) and up! A mid thrill ride with a beachy theme.
  • Ballroom Blitz

    • Swing, Spin and fly! The Ballroom Blitz spins you 15metres in the air! Unlike traditional chair-o-plane rides, this wave spinner spins, rocks and swings you around – just like a ballroom blitz!
  • Bug Run

    • A cute roller coaster for the little ones! This bright green coaster speeds along a 180-metre track, at up to 6 meters per second! Winding through a fantasy garden of giant leaves, bugs, mushrooms and butterflies, this one is sure to leave the kids smiling!
  • Ferris Wheel

    • A classic 1960’s Ferris Wheel! Taking you high in the sky – enjoy the views! Suitable for all family members. Must be over 100cm to ride unaccompanied.
  • Redback

    • Aussie World’s most thrilling ride! Seating 24 people, the Redback is an impressive 13 metres in height and has clockwise and anticlockwise circular rotations on a platform with outward facing seats! Rides must be 130cm and above to ride – this one is not for the feint-hearted!
  • The Plunge

    • Get splashed on this popular water ride! Climb aboard a hollowed-out log and be propelled by flowing water through a waterway before plunging down a waterfall! This is an extreme thrill for everyone 100cm (accompanied) and up!
  • Stockshed Speedway Dodgems

    • Crash, race, bump and smash! Enjoy Aussie World’s racy dodgem cars! Fun for the whole family (100cm and up)
  • Giant Slide

    • You can’t beat a 46-metre-long, 15-metre-high slide! Grab your friends and race down the 9-metre-wide slide! Don’t forget to grab a mat
  • Dark Rebel

    • Rock around the clock with 50’s-60’s style music and special effects from the new millennium. Family fun for everyone 130cm and up!
  • Booma Zooma

    • It’s a bird, it’s a chair, it’s a plane – it’s all three! Dangle your feet I the wind as you sin around on an old-fashioned chair-o-plane!
  • Mozzie Musta

    • A crazy spinning ride that bucks, kicks, tilts and whirls! Hold onto the handlebars!
  • Space Shaker Swinging Ship

    • Jump on the swinging ship and be thrown back and forth within the Milk Way
  • Giggle Go Round

    • One for the little ones: Kids under 120cm can enjoy the miniature merry go round! Choose to ride a horse, train or plane!
      ** Children riding must be able to display upper body control and be able to comprehend simple instructions.
  • Carousel

    • Fun for the whole family! Ride the 1927 fully restored Carousel. A fairground classic – choose your horse or chariot and enjoy the old-time music and carnival atmosphere
  • Tin Lids Tea Party

    • Time for a tea party! Ride the colourful and animated Tin Lids Tea Cups. A ride for all ages.
      ** Children riding unassisted must be able to display upper body control and be able to comprehend simple instructions.
  • Voyager Simulator

    • Voyager Simulator is “virtually” 17 rides in one. Relax in air-conditioned comfort in the Aussie World Voyager Simulator, you enjoy virtual reality at its best!

Attractions and Shows

In addition to the Aussie World rides, there are a number of great attractions and shows on offer:

  • Roving entertainment on offer throughout school holidays
  • A maze
  • Water play area
  • Mini-Golf
  • Sideshow Alley
  • Crazy Mirrors
  • Arcade games

Eat and Drink

There are many places to eat and drink at Aussie World. Choose From:

  • The Pub

  • The Cafe

  • The Village


You can purchase General Admission tickets for Aussie World online, or at the gates of Aussie World

  • Adults at Kids prices
  • All patrons 0-14 must be accompanied by an adult over 18
  • Kids under 3 are free

You can also buy your Aussie World Tickets from the front reception at Brisbane Holiday Village during your stay with us!

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