Big on Fun, Small on Cost: Why Money-Savvy Families are Flocking to Holiday Parks

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Our Guest Blogger Ceyda from Mozo, takes a look at why families are flocking to Holiday Parks as their go-to family accommodation choice!


Holiday parks have come a long way in recent years, and unlike hotels or some AirBnBs, Holiday Parks are designed with families in mind and are packed with value from the facilities to things to do.

There’s no better feeling than seeing a smile on your child’s face while on holiday. And if you’re in the planning stages for treating your children to a trip they’ll always remember, don’t be of the mindset that you’ll have to cough up big bucks on accommodation and activities. So if you’re looking for a fun, budget friendly and most of all, memory-making holiday, read on for some of the reasons why more families are ditching AirBnBs and flocking to holiday parks around Australia.  

Flexible Accommodation

One of the best things about holiday parks is that you’ll be able to tailor your experience to your budget. Most parks will have a range of accommodation options for families. From getting cozy in a cabin to bringing your own caravan or campervan, or even camping under the stars. The other benefit of choosing a holiday park over Airbnb can be the location. If you are travelling at peak holiday season, AirBnBs that are in central locations can be super expensive, so if you are after something more affordable you can find yourself in an area far from the action. Holiday parks by comparison have easy access to everything from cafes, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and because all the facilities are onsite you can also ditch the driving from place to place.  

Maximum Holiday Time

Long check-in queues, flight delays and expensive food, having to deal with an airport during any holiday is time wasted, which could be spent on family time by the pool. Holidaying domestically also means that you don’t have to worry about costly foreign exchange, visas and excess luggage fees which can really add up.  

Endless Fun

One of the many struggles that come with taking your children on holiday is making sure they always have something to do. For many parents, that means forking out cash on activities left, right and centre! Most of the time, AirBnBs or hotels don’t come with many on-site activities for children or are only limited to a spa or pool – however, holiday parks like Brisbane Holiday Village are jam-packed with free things to do from table tennis to bird feeding and the best part is, it’s all in the one place! Having these options at your fingertips means more time getting the blood pumping and less time glued to a screen. And if your kids prefer to get out and about, most holiday parks are at the centre of nature, so they’ll be able to ride down bike tracks, go for bushwalks and even visit local attractions.  

Cheap Eats

If there’s one thing that’ll put even the tightest travel budget to the test, it’s paying for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Staying in a hotel typically means you’re limited to room service or hitting up local restaurants for every meal, which really adds up if you’re travelling as a family and resorting to a credit card to fund the expenses. Thanks to the in-built kitchen or nearby BBQ amenities that are standard at holiday parks you can pick and choose the meals to dine in for. One great way to get your groceries organised is to buy certain items in bulk. Things like packaged snacks won’t perish as quickly as fruits and vegetables and can help you save a few bucks along the way. Having your own food on hand is also win for parents with fussy eaters, because you’ll be able to cook your child’s favourite meal without the dramas!  

Many thanks to our guest blogger

Brisbane Holiday Village would like to thank Ceyda from Mozo for her guest blog on Why Money-Savvy Families are Flocking to Holiday Parks! Ceyda Erem is a personal finance writer at financial comparison site where she spends her time helping Australians make more informed money decisions and finding ways to stretch her dollars further. Ceyda Erem - Author of Why Money-Savvy Families are Flocking to Holiday Parks

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