How To Have a Stress Free Family Holiday

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When it comes to Holidays, it can sometimes feel like you need a holiday after your holiday!

The truth is, while holidays are a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends, you need to lay the groundwork before you go.

Once you have the details down, the big stuff begins to take care of itself. After all – You deserve a stress free holiday too!

  Do you remember the family holidays you went on when you were a kid? The excitement of packing all your holiday clothes; the car, plane or train ride there; your parents setting up the tent or organising the rooms of your cabin – and then the fun! Totally stress free right? Well… maybe for you!   Don’t worry. We’ve got some great tips for making your next family holiday as stress free as possible!  

Location, Location, Location

There is a holiday for everyone – you just need to find it! While it seems like an obvious starting point, deciding where to take the family can be half the battle. Should we go somewhere new? Somewhere that is renown for being family friendly? Sandy beaches or lush mountains? The old saying is true – Location matters! To keep the stress free vibes flowing, make sure to consider:

1. The Weather

  • Do the kids have any allergies or sensitivities to the sun?
  • What about the cold?
  • Many families try to holiday in places with similar weather or temperature to where they live – just with a bit more sun (or a bit less)
2. What will the Kids Learn?
  • There’s always an opportunity to learn something new when on holidays, and there’s no better place to start then when choosing your destination!
  • Think about the things you loved to learn about when you were little
    • Did you like exploring? Maybe pick a place where your kids can explore
    • Enjoy learning new skills? What about a place that offers local attractions or fun facilities?
  • Mixing in some new culture, a local language or a new experience, can not only be fun, but while the kids are entertained you don’t need to stress!
3. Are we nearly there yet?
  • Travel time can put a huge dent in the idea of ‘stress free’. The last thing you want is to arrive at your holiday destination after a tense car ride of ‘don’t make me turn this car around’.
  • This will depend on your children – their ages and temperaments.
  • Ask yourself:
    • Will they stay entertained throughout the journey? Or should you look closer to home?
4. Local Amenities  

Check that off the list

The last thing you want to do is panic halfway down the driveway, thinking that you have forgotten something! To keep things stress free, we recommend making a list of all essential items required for your holiday.
Here are some essentials that often get forgotten in the excitement of preparing for your holiday:
  • Charger cables – phones, tablets, camera
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Bug repellents
  • Wet wipes
  • Shampoo / conditioner / body wash
  • Sun lotion
  • Bandaids
  • Sanitary products
  • Aftersun (just in case)
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Antihistamines, Antiseptics and other essential or prescription medicines
  • For glasses or contact wearers:  lens cleaning wipes, contact solution and contact cases

Home Safety

Worrying about the safety of your home while you’re away definitely isn’t something you want to do! Setting up a light switch on a timer may be enough to convince bad guys that someone is home for a couple days, but criminals can be rather savvy and if you’re going on holidays for more than a couple nights you may want to consider:
  • Having someone you know and trust keep an eye on your house, put your bins in and out and check your mail.
  • Call them from time to time for peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Forget about Work

You’ve got your destination chosen, your list of holiday essentials packed, your home is looked after, you’re one foot out the door.. and you’re thinking about.. work. Nothing ruins a holiday faster than the sudden realisation that you forgot to submit your annual leave form at work.
  • While you’re planning your holiday, don’t forget to plan your work schedule too.
    • You may not be able to complete all your current projects before you leave, so remember to:
      • Prioritise your tasks – make sure you can tick off everything you’d hoped to have done.
      • Delegate the things that will need doing while you’re away.
  • Set up an auto reply on your emails
    • This will not only help you feel like you are actually on holiday, it will let your colleagues know too.
    • Invite the sender to contact another person in your department if the enquiry is urgent, or wait until you get back.
  • Submit your annual leave form ASAP.
    • We’re not kidding!
    • The more notice you give your colleagues, associates and team members, the easier it will be to keep them briefed about projects and tasks that need to be completed while you are enjoying your stress free holiday!

On the Road

Earlier, we mentioned the consideration of travel time. Wherever you choose to holiday – be it near or far – we have some tips to keep the little ones from turning your family holiday into a horror-day:


  • Try to time your departure, and as much driving as possible, with your bub’s regular sleeps.
  • Pack a thermos for tea and coffee, as well as some snacks for the adults – that way if the baby stays asleep you can just keep driving.
  • Leaving an hour or two before a toddler’s day sleep can work well – they get into the rhythm of travel and then they sleep.
Older Kids
  • For kids who are beyond the need for day naps (although, who’s really too old to nap?) have a selection of the following on hand:
    • Audio books (or books in general)
    • iPad stocked (for travel use only – this sucker goes away when you arrive at your destination)
    • Toys
    • Car Games
    • consider a ‘stable table’ for craft, toy cars, and generally ensuring you don’t have to stop too often to pick things up off the floor.
    • Snacks and drinks to eliminate the “I’m hungrys” 10 minutes into the trip.
    • Remember, stopping for a picnic lunch at a playground is still mandatory.

Enjoy your Holiday!

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– The BHV Team

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