How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

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Australia is a massive continent with long stretches of road and scenic views making it the perfect place to go road tripping. Whether you are road tripping to Brisbane, or across Australia, you need to prepare your car adequately.

Road trips are a time of fun and relaxation, so the last thing you want is a breakdown. Our guest blogger, Billie McInerney has put together a list of handy tips to ensure you are covered on your next road trip.

1. Car Care is No. 1

Maintain Your Car

Having your car maintained before a road trip is essential to yours and others safety. Without getting your car serviced, driving could be dangerous. A burst tyre or failing brakes could cause a loss of control. If you haven’t been to a mechanic in a while and are planning a road trip, try to get a service done before heading out on your trip. They will assess and fix parts of your car such as:
  • Tyre pressure and tread
  • Engine oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield wipers
  • Spark plugs
  • Battery

Clean Your Car

Give your car a big clean before packing for your road trip. This will allow you to remove non-essential items and create storage space. Give your windscreen and mirrors a good clean to ensure you can see clearly while on the road. Make sure you pack some paper towels and rags to give your windscreen regular cleans while on the road.

2. Towing Guidelines Ensure Safe Trips

If you plan on towing your trailer or caravan you need to be aware of your vehicle’s towing guidelines. Next, check your chains, couplings, shackles and lights are all functioning.

3. Security is Key

Another thing to think about is if you have sufficient security for your caravan or trailer before hitting the road.

4. Tool Kits Save Sanity

When you are road tripping off-road or on remote roads, you may not come into contact with other people to help if something goes wrong. That’s why it’s essential you bring tools that will help you repair your car. Your tool kit should include:
  • Tow Rope
  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tyres
  • Vehicle light globes
  • Socket & Screwdriver set
  • Duct tape
  • Jumper Cables

5. Pack the Essentials

Think about what you need to survive first when packing your car. Ensure you pack plenty of food and water. Opt for big jerry cans that hold lots of water and an esky to store all your perishable food. After packing the essentials, start to consider other items that will allow for a more organised and enjoyable road trip. Remember not to overpack! More weight will decrease your fuel economy. Ensure that all your luggage is packed safely and securely. If you are storing stuff on your roof rack ensure you have the correct straps and a net to secure it. If your luggage is not properly secured this cause damage and/or injury to other drivers.

6. Get Car Insurance & Roadside Assistance

If you don’t have car insurance and you’re planning a road trip, now’s the time to get it. Anything can happen on a road trip, you could damage your car, somebody else’s car or property. Ensure you have the appropriate car insurance cover and the option of roadside assistance to give you peace of mind on your next road trip.

Many thanks to our guest blogger

Brisbane Holiday Village would like to thank Billie McInerney for their guest blog on How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip! You can catch Billie on LinkedIn.

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