Why a Holiday Village Beats a Hotel

Mum and kids happy in a holiday village swimming pool

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Hotels might sell themselves as luxurious, affordable retreats, but if you look into alternatives you’ll find that your money can be better spent elsewhere. By looking at alternatives, you can get everything a hotel has to offer and more. Holiday Villages offer a great deal more than a hotel does. Once you have your first experience, you won’t go back to a matchbox-sized hotel room. Here just some of the reasons why a holiday village beats a hotel:

Self-Contained Accommodation 

Hotels can get very expensive and inconvenient when you don’t have access to a full-sized fridge and kitchen. Late night snacks, easy breakfasts and BBQs for lunch beat the inconvenience and expense of having nothing but a mini-bar to choose from.

Extra Activities On-Site

If you’re lucky, a hotel might have a gym, maybe a swimming pool and not much else in terms of activities to do on-site. Why not go for something that offers plenty of features including mini golf, resort style swimming pools and so much more.

Opportunities to Meet New People

It’s easy to find yourself holed up inside the 4 walls of your hotel room. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You might find yourself making plenty of new connections at a holiday village where the relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it easy to get chatting to those around you.

Convenient Parking Spaces

Why pay extra for parking at a hotel or even worse, find yourself stuck with street parking which is neither convenient nor secure. Holiday villages offer safe parking right next to your accommodation, making it easy to pack and unpack your luggage.

A Safer Solution

Holiday parks are simply a safer option that hotels and motels, especially when it comes to family escapes. A holiday village is like its own small community and when you walk out of the door you enter that world. When you stay at a hotel, you open your door to busy streets or strange cities. This poses many dangers for individuals of all ages, but especially children. Stay on the safe side and make a booking at a holiday village.

Room to Move

Stuffy hotel rooms where you eat, sleep and socialise in the one room can be pretty limiting. Imagine holiday cabins with space to lounge, cook, and socialise with a big group. Book cabins side by side with a larger group and you’ll love being able to spend quality time together with plenty of room to move and have fun. Want to have a holiday where the accommodation ticks all the boxes? You can’t go past Brisbane Holiday Village for perfect family-friendly accommodation. Unwind with us and we’ll give you the whole package. A holiday village is your home away from home and so much more! Contact us today to discuss our cabin and campsite options.

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