6 Common Tourist Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

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When you’re a tourist in another state or country, there are always some mistakes you can make. These mistakes can lead to stress and disappointment. They might even interfere with you seeing all the local attractions you wanted to visit. If you know what the most common tourist mistakes are, then you’ll also know how to avoid them. Let’s explore a few of the bigger ones now.
  1. Over Packing
Last minute packing almost always results in over packing. Check the weather forecast before you leave and pack to the weather with only a couple of ‘just in case the weather changes’ outfits. Write a list of all the items you want to bring too, and cross them off as you go. This way you won’t end up with all your favourite shirts in your wardrobe but no jacket. Over packing creates worry on the return trip that you’ll exceed your baggage weight requirements and has you feeling like you can’t shop freely. You definitely want to avoid that on your next trip.
  1. Not Checking Your Phone Plan
If you’re coming from overseas, you’ll need to check your international roaming settings are switched on and find out what your fees will be with your current provider. If you’re travelling interstate, you want to make sure you have a decent data package so that you can use your mobile when you aren’t within an area that has free Wi-Fi.
  1. Forgetting to Tell Your Bank about Your Travelling Plans
Banks are pretty switched on when it comes to fraud. If they notice that your bank account suddenly has numerous transactions from a foreign country, they may freeze it until they get in contact with you. Reduce the likelihood of this happening by letting them know about your travel plans before you depart. 
  1. Forgetting to Charge Your Phone Regularly
Just when you think your phone is fine, suddenly you’ve been out and about for half the day and its gone flat. The best way to avoid this is by putting it on charge, even when it’s ¾ full in battery life. In fact, you can recharge your phone every time you are near a power point if necessary. This will stop you from being stuck without it when you need it most. You can also carry car chargers and portable chargers if you’re worried about losing charge while you’re on the move.
  1. Doing Only Minimal Research on Your Destination
It’s good to be spontaneous when you’re heading somewhere new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t familiarise yourself with the area before you go. Avoid missing places you really wanted to see by making sure you know they exist before you get there. You don’t want to come home and realise you actually missed attractions that you know you would have really enjoyed.
  1. Make Sure You Stay in the Perfect Accommodation
Don’t make the mistake of staying in a stuffy hotel or somewhere that doesn’t offer you the comfort of your own home. For the perfect all-in-one accommodation package, you can’t go past Brisbane Holiday Village. Unwind, take a swim, have something to eat, play some mini golf and enjoy yourself all in the one place! Contact us today to find out more.

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