Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

A couple relaxing on the grass at the City Botanic Gardens

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Brisbane City’s Botanic Gardens are a heritage listed botanic garden located on the riverside in Brisbane City. Entry to the Botanic Gardens is Free. (some events may charge admission)

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The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is located on the riverside just off Alice Street in Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000. 15 minutes North of Brisbane Holiday Village.

The City Botanic Gardens is a 10 to 15-minute walk from Brisbane City centre and Central or Roma Street railway stations.

The Gardens

City Botanic Gardens are one of Brisbane’s most treasured parks, spanning 18 hectares and 1.2 kilometres of river frontage.

Opened in 1828, the gardens are a place of heritage significance as they are one of the first public gardens in Queensland.

What's On

The City Botanic Gardens are home to many events including concerts, exhibitions and shows. Events are typically centred at the Riverstage and the Main Rotunda.

The gardens also offer a wide range of fitness activities and community and family orientated festivals.

Make sure you check out the upcoming events and availabilities HERE

Guided Walks

The Council runs free guided walks twice daily to share information about the plants and features of the City Botanic Gardens.

Walks take about 1 hour to complete and leave from the rotunda at 11am and 1pm, Monday to Saturday.

*Please note that walks are not available on Sundays or public holidays.

Attractions & Shows

The Bamboo Grove

  • The Bamboo Grove is a beautiful and serene collection of 23 bamboo species.

Cannon (serial 63914)

  • The Cannon exhibit faces the Brisbane River next to the pathway near the Alice Street entry. Cannons were provided to defend the new colony of Queensland, and were originally set up in Queens Park (now part of the City Botanic Gardens) as a firing battery on the bank of the river.
  • The serial 36914 cannon was cast in 1803 and now resides in the City Botanic Gardens.

Jemmy Morrill and the Brolgas Sculpture

  • This bronze sculpture was created by Lindsay Daen and is on permanent loan from the Queensland Art Gallery.
  • The Sculpture is of a seaman, Jemmy Morrill, who was the sole survivor of a shipwreck on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in 1846. Aboriginal people found him and he lived with them for 17 years before returning to a European settlement in the Bowen district. He went on to play an important role in improving relations between the Aboriginal people and early settlers.

Ornamental ponds

  • The Ornamental pond created between 1958 and 1960. It has an upper and lower pond. Harry Oakman, landscape architect, designed the upper pond, while the lower pond is actually part of the City Botanic Gardens’ original creek system.

River Frontage

  • Th River Frontage area provides wonderful walking and cycling opportunities to make the most of the gardens’ location on the Brisbane River.


  • Over 100,000 people attend events here every year!

Weeping Fig Avenue

  • Planted in the 1870’s, The Weeping Fig Avenue acts a barrier between the northern boundary of the City Botanic Gardens and Queen’s Park.

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