Accessible Facilities

Brisbane Holiday Village

Brisbane Holiday Village has the following accessible friendly facilities

Ramp access to the Reception building including the customer lounge, pool area including poolside cabanas, restaurant, mini golf, BBQ Area, tennis court and playground, ramp and pathways throughout the Village allowing access to all areas, designated disables parking and two unisex special needs bathrooms within the Village

Ramp Access & Wide Doorways

Brisbane Holiday Village’s Vogue Cabins are accessible friendly and offer ramp access to the front door and wider than normal interior doorways to accommodate mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walking frames. Some additional details of the Vogue Cabins are:

  • The access ramp is 102cm wide
  • The front sliding door access into the cabin is 108cm wide
  • The hallway to the bathrooms and bedrooms is 95cm wide
  • The doorway to the bedrooms are 75cm wide
  • The doorway to the bathroom with the walk-in shower is 72cm wide
  • The walk-in shower had a small lip on the floor
  • The bathrooms are not equipped with handrails

Other Considerations

We recommend that you look at the detailed photos on our website in the Vogue Cabin section. Please arrange a time to come and view the cabins in advance to ensure that they meet your needs.

Please consider with other styles of cabins that they are movable dwellings that are built off-site and installed onto existing caravan sites. These movable dwellings are mounted on steel posts or concrete blocks and brings the floor level of the cabin to approximately 600mm above the ground. Therefore the cabins require stairs (1-3 depending on the ground level and fall etc.) to gain access to the front landing. As our cabins are installed on existing caravan sites, we are not physically able to install ramps to all cabins at the required 1 – 14 ratio.